Breath of Stress Air | Truth

Truth, a national prevention and education initiative, is on a campaign to stamp out Gen Z’s vaping problem by revealing the myths and misinformation behind the epidemic. I was Art Director and Designer on this project done with the lovely folks at Buck! 

For full credits, please visit here.
Art Direction

We wanted to create a visual language that felt fresh and relevant to 2021 social media, without simply trying to mimic existing memes and visual styles. Relying heavily on treated photography, emojis, and bright colors, we tried to create a look that felt unique and different enough that it would not quickly become dated. 

The project was rounded off with two main 30 second tv spots, and additional spots that were also cutdown to size for social media.

We also took over the website landing page, which featured a series of illustrated gifs and type assets that accompanied the brand’s messaging. The art jumps off the page like cascading, stressful thoughts, and guides users along an endless scroll of educational resources.